After I'm Sane

by Buck Shoals

The diversity of influences is immediately apparent. Listeners can expect to experience all the grit of classic Southern Rock, but they will be enticed by its masterful fusion with jazz, rockabilly, alt-country, blues, and even Latin sounds. The result is surprisingly cohesive and sophisticated, particularly in an independent debut offering. The title track is an achingly personal number that expresses the angst of waiting and remorse, and the difficulty and importance of keeping hope alive.  The teeth come out on songs like “Bending Backwards” and the band’s namesake, “Buck Shoals,” both of which describe experiences observed of greed and excess that belie the sanguine ages of the band members. Time is a thread that runs through this album. The track “Time is Tempered” describes the pain of separation and the hope of reunion. But while these young men are passionate, they are not jaded. Their optimistic attitudes are a refreshing call to restore the cynic’s faith in humanity. This album was recorded at Studio 101 in Woodruff, SC, engineered by Brad Phillips, and produced by Buck Shoals.